Jim- I work for a national [company]. I'm in sales and live in Wisconsin. Once a year, [my company hosts a meeting] for it's top reps. I've been fortunate to attend a number of these. Over the years my wife and I have become friends with another rep and his wife who are from Utah. As you may have guessed they are Mormons and I'm a born-again Christian. We've had several spiritual discussions, but since I didn't know that much about the LDS religion it didn't get too deep. Last summer this friend sent me a letter along with the Book of Mormon. I think it would be helpful to include the note:
    We know that Christ lives and atoned for our sins. That His life and mission, as explained in the Old and New Testaments are divine and true, and that no one can get to the Father and enjoy eternal life, except through Jesus Christ only. We are grateful for Jesus Christ and for His saving grace. We bear witness to you that He loves us and wants us to be happy.

    We would like to give you this book and encourage you to read it. We have come to know, through thoughtful study and prayer, that the words contained in this book are the words of God, just as we know the Bible contains the word of God. It has helped us be better disciples of Jesus Christ. We also testify that Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God and that he translated the Book of Mormon by the gift and power of God.

    Our challenge to you is to read the Book of Mormon with an open mind and heart and follow the promise outlined in Moroni 10:3-5. If you will do this, we testify that you will come to know that it is true and that it contains the word of God. Sincerely,

After receiving this letter and book is when I started doing some research and found your website. First of all, thanks for what you're doing. I had no idea that LDS are so far off-based. I've read two of your books (Have You Witnessed Lately and Beyond Mormonism). I found both of them very well written and enlightening.

Jim, the reason I'm contacting you is that I only see these friends once a year and our next annual get together is fast approaching. I know that anytime you're witnessing to someone, building the relationship is important. It seems even more important with LDS. I'm wondering if you have any suggestions concerning the best approach with these friends. I know this email is long, but whatever help you can give would be greatly appreciated.

God Bless you and your ministry.



Well, relationship is important. Two things are important: Truth and Love. One without the other doesn't work. You have established the love, now it may be time for the truth.

People in cults don't usually just "wake up" to the truth. It is a process of disillusionment, followed by seeking, followed by revelation. So, part of our job is to aid in the disillusionment. I would tell them I love them, but that I am convinced they have believed a lie. The Book of Mormon is not scripture and Joseph Smith was a false prophet. I might take a little while getting that out, but I sure would want them to know that I know they are in trouble. I would want to warn them that the bridge is out, that the house is on fire.