Jim, Your Salt Lake temple symbols page helped convince me once and for all that the LDS church is untrue-- "and I know THIS to be true"!

I had been doubting for a while, but these symbols (which I had never heard of before viewing your site) were the last nail in my faith in Joseph Smith's prophet-hood. I told my girlfriend, and she of course adamantly (violently?) rejected everything. We worked together, so we had to continue the discussion after hours when I took her home. Things got pretty hairy, but she finally did something I was NOT expecting. She called my bluff. "Prove it," she said. I showed her the print outs I'd made, and she said, "No, I don't want papers from an anti-Mormon site. Give me proof.....Take me.....and SHOW me." Dead silence should have ensued; after all we live in Dallas, TX and had no way of affording a trip to Salt Lake City. Instead, I said, "OK, sounds like fun. WEEKEND ROAD TRIP!!" Of course, we had to be responsible and let our families know what was going on before hitting the road. My parents were so happy that they "donated" to the cause by loaning their gasoline card to me for the whole trip.!!

My girlfriend's family was none too pleased as they are stubbornly LDS. The whole way, she told me I was going to regret the day I doubted the church, but aside from that the road trip was pretty fun. We got there, and, lo and behold, there were the symbols. We both have left the LDS church, and I was motivated by my photos to start a small web page about my trip for my LDS friends to visit, per chance to come to a similar religious resolution. Well, I got a little fired-up-- just a bit-- and here's where it led.

That's a link to the SLC temple page, but you can get all around the site from there. That's right, the SITE. I borrowed and condensed information on the pages (some is from yours). BUT, I also researched the secular scene and found out A LOT MORE about those symbols. I think you'll go nuts to see some of my findings. I didn't give credit to the sites I borrowed from, but I did include their links to the side. Being a former LDS, I "know it to be true" that a good LDS will run from sited material that even sounds close to being anti-Moron. I mean, anti-Mormon. =) I plan to use this page as a starting point when I get a permanent web address (oh, the expense), so I don't want "sited" links everywhere.



Wow! What a story, Terry. Thanks for sharing it. I'll put your letter on my site with a link to your page.

Also sending you the print newsletter.

The obvious question is: "Have you found Christian fellowship since leaving Mormonism?" A lot of Latter-day Saints, when they give up on the Church, give up on Jesus.

Keep me posted.