Dear Jim,

Last week two missionaries showed up at my door, the second time within four months. My Mormon neighbors moved in this past November, could they be sending these missionaries to my House? Anyway, the first time they came, I sent them away, but this time I invited them into my home. Now they seem to think I want to become a convert! Of course they wanted me to pray about the Book of Mormon, but I told them I did not want to pray about something like that when God has already instructed me that his word is sufficient. They responded with what I was sure they would, Ezekiel 37:16 and Isaiah 29.

The missionary read the complete chapter in Isaiah. I know that in Ezekiel it is talking about the tribes becoming one nation, it is not talking about books. I am not sure why they read the Isaiah chapter except for the part where it talks about voices speaking from the ground (the gold plates were buried in the ground). And in verse 11 the missionaries seem to believe this is referring to when Joseph Smith had is friend take a copy of the (so-called) Egyptian hieroglyphics to someone and have them translated and that person said he was unable to.

My question is why would they cite the whole chapter? Could you give me a more complete explanation of the real meaning of this chapter. I did not want to get into a debate with them at the time because I had to leave and didn't want to get stuck with them for an hour.

I know it doesn't do any good to debate, so I would like to give them my answer and move on. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my e- mails and responding so Quickly! I know you must get a lot of mail. P.S the missionaries will be back tomorrow Wed the 17th. Please pray for me!



You seem to be up to speed on Ezkiel 37.

Isaiah 29 is about God's amazement that the Jews could not understand the prophets. Isaiah delivers the prophecy that the Assyrians are going to come upon Jerusalem but at the last moment Jerusalem will be miraculously spared. But the poor Jews couldn't even understand they were going to be set upon by the Assyrians. The couldn't understand any spiritual word to them. They were dumb as posts. So dumb to the things of God, Isaiah says, that when prophecies are brought to them they are "a closed book." (In fact that is where we get the term "closed book.")

AS far as the voice "out of the dust:" that refers to how low the enemies of Jerusalem will bring her. They will not be arrogant, they will be so low they could walk under a door without opening it. So low their voice will be coming from their shoes. So low they will be mumbling from the dust.

You are right is guessing that these missionaries are not going to be able to follow this discussion. They are not inclined to hear anything. Doesn't mean you shouldn't try: cast your bread upon the water.