Mr. Spencer:

I just finished reading your book Beyond Mormonism. I too am trying to break away from the Mormon faith and it is so hard.

I joined nine years ago. I too got caught up in the whirlwind of "the Mormon faith is the best." And my husband and his family are deep rooted MormonsÉ.

Right now my home is at the VA Medical Center in the Psych Ward, because I tried to kill my self. I couldnÕt take the faith or the control of my husband. He treats me just like his dad treats his mother. The women have no rightsÑcannot stick up for themselves. Typical Mormon men.

I just wanted to say I enjoyed your book. All the questions you were toying with are the same that are bothering me.

I know the Mormon faith is wrong and just donÕt seem to have enough strength right now to fight it off.

My husband has told me that if I quit the Church IÕm going to hell, and that all women who quit become whores. And if I do quit heÕll also go to hell along with this son who died in 1988 which we had sealed to us in 1998. It all seemed right at the time, but boy, was it ever wrong.

As far as going to the temple, I hated it. I really tried to get into it but I couldnÕt. I didnÕt agree with any of it, especially the secret handshakes. What does that have to do with God?

I would like to get your newsletter. Also any advice would be appreciated. My husband has told me that if I do quit the Church, that our marriage is over. CanÕt believe IÕm getting divorced over this stupid faith.

I threw all my garments away. My mom was so happy. She wants me away from this faith because she can see what it is doing to me. I also gave my Book of Mormon to a Lutheran minister. I told him to throw it away. Even though, when I did, I thought the wrath of God would strike me down. I never knew how much pull that book has on you.

Thanks for listening to me. Thanks for writing such a good book.



Thank you for sharing your story with me. It is indeed remarkable and you have a long road ahead of you. I am confident, however, in Jesus' ability to "finish the good work he has begun in you." (Philippians 1:6)

I will send this material to the hospital. What you need to do is get a safe address where I can mail to you after you get out. Perhaps your mom's house or a friends house.

I pray that God will give you the strength to survive, and the ability to understand that "there _is_ life after Mormonism!"

Let me know how I can help. If you have access to the Internet, email me.

A Friend,

Jim Spencer
Through the Maze Ministry