Hi Jim

Thanks for writing your book.

I'm an exMormom, a beliver in the Lord now. I was in the Mormon Church for more than 30 years and very active. I went to the temple hundreds of times, and can promise you that the temple cerimonies _have been_ changed, I've been to both old and new versions.

The lord came into my life when my wife asked me a question about the prayer we said in the temple, im sure you know--pay lay ale--"Oh God, hear the words of my mouth." I'm sure that pay lay ale was changed from paylay helale. (I'm not sure if my spelling is correct?) The correct translation from Hebrew is paylay [WONDERFUL] helale [LIGHT BEARER or LUCIFER].

Why else would be no other reason Satan answers this prayer in the temple ceremony. His response is "I hear you what do you want?" Adam says "Who are you ,and Satan replies, "I am the god of this world, what do you want?"

!!!!!MY LORD--MY LORD!!!!! I was taught as a youg boy that my prayers were to be address to the God of this world, Jesus! The god of this world in the Bible is Lucifer/Santan. I was lied to all my life!!! I was praying to Satan!!!! My prayers had never been answered!!! Never !!! As a Latter-day Saint!!! OH !!! OH !!!OH!!! It hurt so bad to ffigure that out!!! That is the moment the Lord came into my life!!! The door had been kicked open by the Spirt of GOD and the whole rotten Mormon structure fell apart!!!! The LDS church is clean on the outside but dirty rotten bones on the inside.

No more am I following blind leaders and vipers. I could go on for hours and hours. I know the truth now. Its not in the triple combination...it is the WORD OF GO--the Bible--and John said and the Word was with GOD and the was GOD--and the word was made flesh and dwelt among us. THE LORD JESUS CHRIST!!!! MY KING AND SAVIOR!!!!!!

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Thank you again,




Tell us how you _really_ feel! :)

Praise the Lord, brother! What a wonderful story.