Dear Jim,

I know this is a busy week for both of you but I just wanted to email you to let you know that I attended a Foursquare church tonight {Pastor Tom Nicodemus} and I went alone but with a little trepidation and a little nervousness. :} Anyways, Pastor Tom knew I was coming because I had emailed him beforehand. He and his wife are very nice people.

I know you both already know how they worship and everything but it is so different from what I am used to obviously. I felt the Holy Spirit so strongly and had a hard time singing because I felt so emotional. They sang song after song, praising God over and over and then after that, Pastor Tom sat and talked with everyone there {it was a small informal group tonight} and we talked about trials and blessings and being thankful in everything and discussed real life everyday situations that anyone in the room was struggling with or dealing with in their personal life. Very different of course than a Mormon sacrament meeting or Relief Society lesson.

...The thing I noticed was that these people were REAL! I mean, it was not some boring, dry, Sunday School lesson where everyone gives their perfect example or comment to go along with the lesson. It was REAL people, talking about REAL things, and praising God in a REAL way. Wow. At the end, we put our hands on a man there that had been in a serious car accident that week and prayed for him and his family.

...Anyways, I came home still feeling the Holy Spirit and in a very calm and peaceful place, definitely a more different feeling than what I feel when I come home from an LDS church service. :}

I forgot to ask Pastor Tom, but do they have sacrament or communion at Christian churches and is it even necessary to have that? Also, I am going to go to church with a good friend of mine who is born again Christian. She lives here at the air force base and her husband is an ex-mormon and also is my husband's Lt. Colonel which I find very interesting! I called to tell her that I was saved and she was so excited for me and then told me that her husband was an exmormon. Their older girls babysit my children sometimes and they are the only family that I have felt comfortable around letting them care for my children. I thought it was interesting that it turns out that they are born again Christians and exmormons too! There has always been "something" about them that I have felt drawn to them for. They also homeschool their children like we do.

Anyways, I just thought you might want to know. I have been reading and studying the Bible more lately and I really enjoyed those tapes on the Trinity. Infact, I started them over and I am listening to them again to really help me understand it more.

Just wanted to let you both know what was going on and that I am feeling much more peaceful, though still wishing that this fearful feeling I have will eventually go away. I find myself dreaming about temple ordinances and reading stuff about Joseph Smith and debating it with other people and I wake up feeling afraid. I wish that would stop.

I am not quite sure how to behave and what to share with my husband in regards to my experiences, especially when he makes comments like he did last night. And that part has me feeling all tied up in knots. We have always shared everything even our faith so this is really tough.

Thanks again, Stephanie