Dear Jim...

Not sure if this is you who I am writing, but if so I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for stopping by and visiting my Dad, Slim Smith. You will never know how much this meant to him...He has almost read all of the book and this is all he talks about. We took him out for dinner tonight( this would have been he's and my moms 63 anniversary. At dinner all he could talk about was you and your book. I have more to say, but until I know if this is your address, I will wait to hopefully hear from you. God Bless...



Yep, it's me alright. Talk about a string of "coincidences:"

1. I just "happened" to drive by his house and

2. he "happened" to have a sign with his name out in the yard.

3. He "happened" to be walking out of his shed

I have no idea why I turned into the drive...Just killing time driving around the old town. I don't think I had seen Slim since I worked on his farm for a short time about _50_ years ago! Why I remembered the name, remembered I worked for him, turned in the drive...

We had a nice chat and he mentioned one of his daughters had married into Mormonism. I had no idea he knew I had been a Mormon, but he did. So I said, "I got into that for a while." He said, "I know you did, I read your book."

So I gave him my new book. And after a few minutes, we shook hands and I drove off. I mentioned to several people I had me him and they all spoke _very_ highly of him.

Sorry I didn't get to meet you while I was in Greybull/Basin. I spoke at the Alliance Church in Greybull and First Baptist in Basin.

I am mailing you a packet of information and I am putting you on my mailing list. Looking forward to hearing more from you.

Jim Spencer