Well I'm glad to be out of the hell of the LDS church.

I will praise God forever for sending you into my life to show me the way out of that living hell they all live in. I wanted to die when I was a member, not suicidal but wishing the Lord would just take me. You don't really know just what you brought me through.

You can't imagine the relief I felt listening to your Bratzilla sermon. And then a few weeks ago in church just having it wash over me that He saved me. Thank God you had the patience to work with a basket case like me. The awful thing about it was that I was so self centered about it - I just wrote to you a hundred times a day and by heck you answered me. I didn't give a thought that you might be busy and have a life. The first time you went somewhere and I saw that automatic message on your email, I was afraid because you were gone-- LOL. It's really quite embarassing. I hope I'm better now.



You were worth it. I'm confident you will help scores of people out of the hell of Mormonism. Emails like yours make it all worthwhile.