Thought you might like an update on our missionaries. After dealing with them for about 6 weeks now, they came today to present me with the "plan of salvation", which is where they are supposed to start. We've been asking so many questions, we've had them off base.

Today I was told that I do not know Jesus Christ, I do not have the Holy Spirit (because no one with authority to impart it (i.e., a Mormon elder, has not laid hands on me) and that all ministers, except Mormons, are greedy, self serving out for money and popularity. (well, that maybe true in some cases....) They said that Joseph Smith is "the most holy man that ever walked the face of the earth next to Jesus." (That was after I said,"You talk more about Joseph Smith than Jesus". I strongly suspect they have more regard for Smith than Jesus.)

They have no concept of what the "true church" is and were shocked when I told them I belonged to "the Church of the First Born whose names are recorded in heaven" which is the true Church of Jesus Christ. They didn't catch it.

Oh, this was news to me.....the apostles and the prophet (Gordon Hinckley) meet with Jesus Christ once a month, in person. (Rats! I should have said, "Really? I meet with Him everyday." It never fails, I always think about the good stuff after the conversation is over!)

Clearly, to them, I am not reading the book of Mormon with the right attitude: an "attitude of prayer asking God to show me that it is true." That was after I told them that I didn't have to pray to know it wasn't true, the Spirit of the Living God let me know, without a shadow of a doubt, that the Book of Mormon is false, created out of a vivid (well maybe not so vivid) imagination and plagiarized from the King James Version of the Bible with a little of what looks like Shakespeare added in.

I shared with them the Good News of Christ and how, if allowed, He will actually raise them from their dead spiritual condition, put His life in theirs and that good works would flow out of that, not vise-versa. They insisted that I didn't know what I was talking about, because only they know the truth.

They asked me how the "fastest growing church in the world" (which it is not) could be wrong, and I replied, "Because the deception is so great."

My husband, Roger, was upstairs working, but he did pop his head out the door to challenge them to investigate further when they finished their mission. (The Church defines for them what books they can read...and they don't have access to a computer except on the Church's web page.) But one of them said he refuses to investigate what he knows is true, even if someone could prove to him otherwise. I think he left upset, he was ready to baptize me.

They are not coming back, since they are "wasting their time". I just cried and cried. We didn't have a heated discussion, we just never could agree. So....the only thing left to do is pray that the Holy Spirit will draw them, so they will know the real Jesus, the true Gospel and genuine Holy Spirit. Their names are Michael and Bradey, will you pray with me for them? (Or maybe Roger and I should go knock at their door and asked to be let in!)

Thank you all...all of you have ministered to us in some special way, helped us face this demonically inspired doctrine and encouraged us to love those two special young men. It was no accident they came to our door. Roger and I have probably learned more than we ever wanted to know about Mormonism, and that was no accident either.

In HIS love,
Roger & Becky