This email is actually for my Mother, wanting information for a Friend of the Family that just recently accepted Christ out of Mormonism. We'd like to know how to go about removing her records (The Friend) from the LDS Church. If there's any Paperwork that she needs to get, and fill out, to be totally removed from the Church Records Center in Utah. We are from Pocatello, Idaho, which isn't very far from Salt Lake City, Utah...Also, My Family would like to know if we could remove names from LDS Church Records too, and if that's possible, how to go about it... Any Help in this Matte, would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for doing God's work, and supporting so many people's escape from the Mormon Cult!!



I'm assuming you have access to my web site, since you emailed me at that address.

If you will go to
How To Resign
you will find everything you need.

God bless you and your friend who is finding her way out of Mormonism.


I would like to thank you for leading me to the right Resource, and This will help her Properly Resign from the LDS Church!! I appreciate your help in this Matter, and may God Richly Bless you and your Ministry!!

In Christ,