message: Hello,

I am just writing you to ask a few questions?

To what church do you now belong?

Do you believe the "righteousness of God" is the imputed righteousness of Jesus to the believing sinner alone enough for the Father to declare him righteous and saved forever?

Do our works have any merit before God towards our salvation after we become believing, forgiven sinners?

Do you believe we will always be sinners in ourselves before God in heaven without the imputed righteousness of Jesus, wich is "the righteousness of God".

I am a former SDA and I have come to see that all has been done for my salvation. I can add nothing to the completed life, death and resurrection of Jesus for sinful man by my behaviour. I also believe that I will always be a sinner in myself, but in Jesus at the Father's right hand I am accepted as righeous and not condemned. My faith in Jesus is counted for righteousness always on this earth even though I remain a sinner.

I do not attend any church, as they all focus on "works" by the Holy Spirit in the believer. They do not focus on what God has done for us in Jesus. He is our righteousness, sanctificatio and redemption before Him. We are only accounted righteous by His imputed righteousness to us, which we receive by faith alone in His world. As a believing forgiven sinner I am not condemned before Him, now or ever, as Jesus decision to save me is eternal, and I have eternal life in Him.

Thanks for answering,


From what you have written, I believe that you and I share _exactly_ the same theology on our Redemption. I believe that we are on very sure scriptural ground. The Bible teaches us exactly what you said.

The only thing I disagree with is your assessment of the Christian church. Some pastors certainly misunderstand the depth of our Righteousness in Christ, and that is a pity. However, to say that "all the churches focus on 'works'" is just not true. In fact, most all Christian denominations--certainly all Evangelical denominations--understand biblical Righteousness as you and I do. You just need to keep looking fro a place where you can be taught straight from the Bible. We have a need for Christian fellowship, corporate prayer and praise, and the shaping that comes from hearing the Bible preached. I pary those things for you.

If I can help, let me know.

Jim Spencer