message: Mr. Spencer;

When I read the opening line of the review written about Beyond Mormanism: an Elder's story, I knew by a key phrase that you could NOT NOT NOT possibly be telling the truth or even putting a serious attempt into conveying the truth. I reference the following URL. There is no such place as "Mormon College" but of course you know that already. Shame on you. If YOU want to be a turn-coat to your own people is one thing, but to willingly try to take others with you puts you in the same league as Corihor. If you ever truly were an Elder, you know who that was. Repent while you have time.

I do NOT wish to receive any more poisonous propaganda from you or your cult followers. Look up Webster's definition of Cult.

First, if you are asking to have your name removed from my mailing list, you will have to tell me who you are. I do not have an email address in my files that matches yours. You can't remain both anonymous and request your name removed.

Now, to the point: You are something. So convinced you won't even open your eyes long enough to see _anything_.

"Mormon college," obviously is not a name. The Mormon college I attended (and was an honor student at was Ricks College, now BYU north.

If you want to argue that I was not a Mormon Elder, see the photocopies of:

My ordination as a Elder:

My missionary license:

My temple marriage license:

And the names of dead men I did endowments for:

My entire wife's family observed my life as a devout Mormon, my conversion out of Mormonism, and my subsequent 25 years as a Protestant minster (as of course has my wife of 41 years). Many others have also known me through those years and saw what I described in the book, although many of them are still active Mormons.

You are like someone who believes the earth is flat and who refuses to look at the evidence for a round earth. I am not saying you should immediately conclude Mormonism is wrong (which it is), but you can't so isolate yourself that if someone shouts "fire" your response is "fire doesn't exist!"

Take a breath. Read the book. Then (and only then) write me with legitimate arguments.

BTW, your letter is so pathetic, I am posting it on my web site for all to see. However, to have your name removed, you will have to tell me who you are.

Also, "Mormanism", as you write in your letter, is not a word. It is "Mormonism."

Jim Spencer