message: Your false and negative material against the mormon religion only fortifies the truth of their message. It is the only persecuted religion in the world. Why no anti penecostle books or anti catholic lit? because they are not true!!! there is only one church on the earth that is Christs true church and as in days of old it will be the only one satan spends his time trying to tear down and uses people like you to do it for him. Why not do some good in the world rather than tearing others down. "by there fruits ye shall know them" HMMMMMMMMMM?

Nick Erickson


Your message was so outlandish and so uniformed, I am going to publish it on my web site, along with your email address, in case somebody would want to take the time to try to enlighten you.

I don't have the time or patience to begin to bring you into the real world.

Jim Spencer