I just took a look at the "Book of Mormon Comparison Machine". I was blown away. I thought/felt for years that something was wrong, but I could never put my finger on it.

I joined the LDS Church in July 2000. Interestingly enough, I learned of many secrets and weird "facts" only AFTER I was officially a member of the Church. The longer I attended services, the more uncomfortable I was.

The main thing that made me uncomfortable was the fact that every time I tried asking a controversial question, I wasn't given a straight answer. This bothered me because there I was, among people who have been members their whole lives, and yet they can't answer the simplest of quetions, regardless of the fact that they have studied scriptures their whole lives.

I haven't read a whole lot on the website just yet, but I'm too excited about what I've read so far, and I have to ask some things right away, since I'm too anxious to try finding the answers for myself on the site somewhere. What I would like to know is this: Do you believe that the Book of Mormon (in its original form) holds as much truth as the Bible? If so, would you happen to know how I might obtain a copy of the original version? And if not, would it be safe to assume that the Bible is the only book I should trust?

I have tons more questions, but I've always been told that my questions are too controversial or confrontational, so I won't bother you with them unless you say it's okay.

(In fact, just recently I went to a message board on a website modertated by some LDS members, and I posted a long list of questions I've always wanted to know about the Church. I got two responses that defended the Church, offended me, and basically dodged most of my questions. Shortly after I responded, the entire thread of messages stemming from my original page of questions, including the original post itself, was completely wiped off the website, and they reset my profile to show that I have "never" posted a message on the message board. No one has explained why yet. I believe that they just didn't want their beliefs to be openly questioned in front of everybody, even though I was in the general discussion board, which clearly stated that I could talk about anything.)



If you send me your postal mailing address, I will send you an information pack, a couple of tracts, and a couple of pamphlets.

Now, to your question:

The Book of Mormon is a fraud. Totally fraudulent (except for the Bible chapters Joseph Smith "cut and pasted" into it).

take a look at this

And, it is true, anyone who questions is (eventually) told to "love it or leave it." Questioning, the Church teaches, is the first step to apostacy. Isn't that interesting? It would not lead to apostacy if Mormonism were true!

The more you read, the more you will discover that it is a sham, an empty carton.

Now the question is: What will you do with this information. The temptation is to give up on Christianity because you wound up in a false Christianity. That would be a mistake. There is life after Mormonism. I will send you my book Beyond Mormonism: An Elder's Story if you ask for it by email (no charge). Also, I have a video you should watch, so ask for it too. It is called The Mormon Dilemma. And, please, read as many of the letters on my site as you possibly can. Thousands of people have found life after Mormonism and you can too.

If there is anything I can do for you, please don't hesitate to ask.



Wow. Thank you so much for your response and info. If you wouldn't mind, I would love to receive any additional information you can provide. Unfortunately, I am unable to purchase anything from you at this time, but if you wouldn't mind sending me some free information for now, I'd really appreciate it, whether it be by email or regular mail. I have taken the liberty of including my address below.

Thanks in advance for anything you're able to send.


Natalie Natalie,

I am sending you some pamphlets, my book _Beyond Mormonism: An Elder's Story _ and a video, _The Mormon Dilemma_.

Please keep me posted.



I can't thank you enough. You're the first person who has ever made sense to me when it came to talking about these sort of things. I will definately keep you posted.

I'm not sure if I mentioned this, but, when I met my husband, he was an atheist and I was an active member of the Mormon Church. The more I talked to him about spirituality and religion, the less I believed in the Church and the more my husband began believing in God/Christianity. Then, we were both thirsting for knowledge without proper guidance. You have now provided that guidance. Thanks to you, we will be able to learn more and grow more spiritually. That was the one thing we were concerned about in our relationship. We knew that we had to eventually select a church to attend, and we knew we had to have something solid that we both agreed on before bringing children into the world. Thank you so much for your guidance.

I look forward to receiving your gifts. I will keep you up to date on our progression. God bless you. Take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Sincerely, Natalie

Natalie, A privilege to be of help.

The material I am sending should point you in the right direction. If you have specific question, I'd be glad to try to answer them.