Thank you for responding to my email. Fortunately, I have not heard from anyone from the local church. The letter I had sent had followed the format that you recommend, I just hadn't sent it to the locals. This is the first place that I have lived since I left the church that they haven't had knowledge of my whereabouts. I didn't want to rock that boat.  

Hopefully, I will receive the final letter soon to acknowledge that they have removed me from membership.  I specifically requested that I be notified when it was done. Will they honor that request? Will I have to try to initiate contact again to find out if it is finished?

Despite the fact that I left the church when I was released from my mission almost 23 years ago, I have been amazed as I have realized the depth of the spiritual tie that has continued to bind me. The visceral upset that was set off in me upon receiving the letter from Salt Lake City (and prompted my email to you) was seemingly ridiculous. Although I always knew it was wrong (probably even while I was a member) I never fully understood the true evil that existed there. As I am working to free myself from this and all of Satan's lies, I am reminded of how very powerful our God is. He never allowed me to be completely lost. Standing for the truth of God is all that matters. It is truly how we can find health and happiness. It saddens me greatly to see how many leave the mormon church and end up so lost. But I am finally able to understand why. I have always had a heart to help those who want to leave the mormon religion. I now understand that I truly want to be able to help all know who God is.  

I didn't mean to make this so long. Sorry. Thanks for the amazing work that you do. I am sending a check in the mail today for your ministry. 

Keep up the good work.



Thanks for your letter. If you don't mind, I will post it on my web site (I won't use your last name or address)

And, yes, if you follow the letter format and mail it to all the right people, they will remove you from their system (or at least tell you that, I'm not sure they ever really do it).

Thanks again,

 Jim Spencer