Mr. Spencer:

I would like to congratulate you for your bravery and intelligence. I was baptized 2 years ago and figured out quickly that what the plan of salvation is and what the church expects are two different things. I too struggled with the accuracy of the church and what I was missing. The final straw for me was the sexism of the church and that I could not get over or "ignore" or even pray about it until I changed my mind. I haven't read all your book yet, but I was wondering how you finally got out. I recently sent a letter to the bishop asking to have my name removed and so far all I've received as a response is a host of members knocking on my door at all hours of the day and night volunteering to answer any "questions" I may have.

Is there something that I'm missing? I'm standing firm, but I fear that they may shove it under the mat and hope I go away. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I've only read the first chapter of your book and I must say I am impressed and inspired by you and your experiences. Thank you for putting this out there!




So glad to hear that my book is helping you. You need to read lthis chapter from my book, Have You Witnessed to a Mormon Lately? :

It will tell you how to resign effectively.

Thanks for your interest in Through the Maze Ministry.

If you send me your postal mailing address, I will send you an information pack, a couple of tracts, and a couple of pamphlets.

Jim Spencer