Greetings, Mr. Spencer! I just wanted to thank you so much for having the generosity and the faith the put your books online as an instant resource. Last week, 2 Mormons stopped by my apartment. I told them to come back, because I didn't have time to talk. They came back yesterday and I felt totally prepared--through prayer and through the reading of your╩books and checking the Scripture references you gave. I cornered them by the power of God about the nature of God╩and they brought back more Mormons today in an attempt to answer me. No luck for them! The debate was pretty heated, but I felt that the young man who had been at my house the day before was touched by something. I could sense that his spirit was unsettled, especially since there were no answers. Please pray for him. His name is Adam and he is from Utah. He agreed that when his mission is over in a month, he would be willing to read Beyond Mormonism if I sent it to him, and then respond with a letter.

I feel a very strong compulsion to continue reading more and more about Mormonism. My heart aches for them. As someone who grew up surrounded by them in Southern California, I know how hard it is for them to leave, but as your testimony shows, God is powerful. Thank you for renewing my hope that there is a logical and hopeful way to talk with a Mormon.

God bless you in your ministry. I hope to help more financially soon.

In Christ,
Megan DeYoung