Mr. Spencer,

Is it possible for you to remove the derogatory posts on your website regarding our ministry ( Many of the opinions toward our outreach from people who are quoted therein have changed and we would certainly appreciate anything you can do to update or erase this information.

Thank you so much.

Shawn McCraney
Alathea Ministries, Inc.


I took the one remark by Terry Long from Calvary Chapel in Salt Lake City off. That is because he told me that although he does not agree with your methods he didn't want to continue to make his views public. For me, his decision is disappointing since he had made the comments with the understanding that they would be published. However, none of this is really a huge issue for me. I commented very, very briefly about you in a newsletter a couple of years ago and included a link to the comments by the other ministries. To my knowledge the only other time I have mentioned you is when someone asks me. I then direct them to what I have written.

The other comments are from me, Ed Decker, Dennis and Rauni Higley, Christy Darlington, Dave Hunt, and Tracy Tennant. I sincerely doubt any of them have revised their remarks as you suggest, however, I am copying this to them. If they have, I invite them to let me know and I will be glad to post any addendum or explanation to their comments.

If I am forgetting any other reference to you on my web site or sites (there are thousands of pages), please point that out to me.

Other than that, I reviewed your web site recently and found that my original evaluation of your work remains unchanged.

Finally, your use of the word "derogatory" is wrong. Derogatory means "showing a critical or disrespectful attitude." There was nothing disrespectful in what concerned brothers said about your direction. Certainly they were critical in the sense of evaluating and making a judgement of what you had to say. I'm sure you agree that is exactly what a servant of God should do. I invite those who read this exchange on my web site to visit what I had to say about the overall concept of "Born Again Mormons" here.

(I am posting this exchange on my web site)


Jim Spencer
Through the Maze Ministry

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