Mr. Spencer,

Thanks!!! I look forward to getting the info packet!!!

I visited a mormon ward last sunday for a religion project...I chose to go there to see what it was really like. I was welcomed, but it was erie! The service was mostly a presentation from the missionaries. They sang and had speeches.

I think a part of the reason I am so interested in LDS is that I have a TON of happy-looking, wealthy, gorgeous Mormon relatives in Provo. Although I have never met them, I get their christmas card every year...its pretty intense to say the least. The parents in this family recently visited my grandparents for the first time in years. Religion never came up in any of their conversations, but my grandmother remembers the mother saying (the relation to the family is that she is my grandfather's neice) how she wished she could just "rest" for a day...aparently she is ALWAYS busy doing something for the Church and never really has time to herself, which I thought was really sad. Her husband makes ALL the decisions about traveling, etc., and it seems as though they are always doing something. For this I felt sad.

Well, just wanted to comment!!

Thanks again...the website helped me understand a lot of things!!!



Thanks for the kind words about the site.

God bless you,

Jim Spencer