Dear Jim

I have lived in Idaho Falls for 11 years. For many of these years, my goal has been to raise my kids and then get out of here. My original roots were Butte, Montana (Irish Catholic America). After your weekend here at the Lutheran Church, I feel I've been kicked off my complacent butt.

Actually, I've been growing and changing greatly for the last couple of years. I began watching Joyce Meyer's "Life in the Word" every morning and discovered how little I knew the Bible. Also, my son-in-law was raised Mormon, but broke away a few years ago (such a brave young man) and is greatly troubled by conversations with his parents. We talk religion and Christ for hours. And I began reading to know more about the LDS Church.

I have realized that I have a calling to serve Christ--but I didn't know where, how, or when. I was thinking I could work with children in poverty, perhaps an orphanage, maybe when I retire (school teacher). I realize I been thinking of things and places where I would be comfortable, where the need is obvious.

Now, I scared to death! I believe my calling is to help save LDS souls. It will not be comfortable or easy. I cannot quote scripture...but I will need to understand the "nature of God," "Christ as God," "The Book of Mormon," etc., etc., etc. I feel overwhelmed--but if it is what God wants, He'll show me the way,

I've finished Whited Sepulchers and Have You Witnessed to a Mormon Lately? Wow! Thank you!

I would like another copy of Have You Witnessed to a Mormon Lately? for my son-in-law. I believe it will help him. I love him and realize better what a difficult journey he has traveled.

Take care of your health--You have a lot of souls to save and I bet you are making the devil real angry!