Two years ago, my son married a young girl who had sporatically attended an LDS Church. She came from a unchurched family and seem to be desperatly looking for something missing in here life. Her older sister was a member of the LDS church and encouraged her to be faithful to the LDS. Jeff went to some training by one of the Mormon families, but would not join the church. I'm not sure if he did that out of loyalty to his family or to God. However, they could not be married by the Mormons.

They asked our Pastor (Southern Baptist) to marry them. When the told him she was a Mormon he said he could not marry them unless (during their marriage counseling) he felt certain that she was a Christian. She ran out in tears and they both became very angry with him. We were devasted when they refused to attend the church our son had been raised in, but encouraged them to find another "Bible Believing" church.

He joined and attended the Mormon Church with her for several months, misssionaries were sent out to encourage/brainwash them, then they dropped out for several months saying they were too busy. They now have had a baby and are once again attending the Mormon services. In the past two years, I have read everything I can find on Mormons, including your book "How to Witness to Mormons". My husband and I have prayed daily for God to open a door for us or anyone to discuss this with them. My son seems very distant with us and tells me it is the same Jesus. We have faith that God will deliver them from this nightmare and will continue to pray and prepare. I would like to know what they teach new converts.

>Is there any up-to-date material that tells me what the local meeting houses are teaching?

What are the Bible scriptures they say are "interpreted incorrectly"?

I saw a video of how Joseph Smith supposedly found, interpretated the golden tablets, and began the Mormon religion. But, there was no mention of the original imigration from Israel. Is that taught in their meeting houses?

I know that any information I present will be taken back to the local Priest for "pat answers". What kind of opposition am I up against.

My husband and I are praying for you and your ministry and ask that you pray for our children



The first thing I want to say is that although the baptist pastor may or may not have been as sensitive as he should have been, he did not cause the problem. I say that because the bottom line is that a Mormon who makes concessions when in a period of spiritual disinterest, always goes back to the Church when the baby comes. I have seen Latter-day Saints swear they have no interest in the Mormon Church, but return when the pressure from family really heats up when the first child arrives.

It sounds very much like your son, for whatever reason, is not particularly spiritually interested. To us that is inconceivable, but lots of people are there.

As far as a prognosis...not good in the short run. Again, the lack of interest. He and she have lots of stuff going on in their young lives and they do not hurt enough or are not curious enough to cry out to the Lord for help.

What should you do? Well, you are doing the right thing by studying the cult and being open to being used by God to help them. You should keep your relationship with them healty without ever validating Mormonism. Tell them you love them, but regard Mormonism as a false religious system. And, of course, you must pray for them that the Holy Spirit will soften them. Miracles do happen. Latter-day Saints do "wake up."

You need to be in this for the long haul. I encourage you to make an avocation out of studying all of this and praying to be useful with others as well as with your kids. Lots of Mormons are "ready." The fields truly are white unto harvest. We need laborers.

Specifically, you should watch two videos: The new "DNA vs. the Book of Mormon" video and my own "Mormon Dilemma." Both can be ordered from my web site. The DNA video can be watched online at:


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