Hi Jim,

I completely agree with what you have said. I live in the Diamond Bar area where the 10, 60, and 71 freeways all meet. I only assume you know where I speak of because you are from Santa Ana. Are you aware of any good groups that I can get involved with around here? I can always look on the internet for locations but I thought you might have some suggestions. Support is great!!!

The Lord will guide me. He knows when I will have have the knowledge and stregth to make it through what is to come. I am in no hurry to mention what I am finding and thinking, but I am certainly aware that changes will be taking place in my life.

I know you are very busy, but I was hoping you might be able to help me with one last thing as I continue my journey. What is your take on Joseph Smith and his prophesy's? I have seen some fulfilled and some unfulfilled. It is so difficult to think that this man who I believed my whole is the founder of our religion could be false. From what I have read in the Bible and and if I understand I don't think I believe in modern day prophets and revelation anymore. This question alone can validate whether or not everything I have grown up is true or not. I don't know, I thought maybe you might have some good information in this arena.

I am so glad that you have taken the time to write me back. Thank you so much for caring! Oh one last thing...in your book you reference the Journal of Discourses...are they still available through a source that I am not aware of? Are they online? I would love to get involved with them.

Thank you again for your time...I look forward to hearing from you again. Don't worry I won't keep bugging you, it's just that everything you have shared thus far has been very helpful. I will ask my friend if I can get the materials you speak of sent to their home. I will let you know the address if it is okay!

Talk to you soon,

Even more from Kyrstal

Don't think you are buggging me. This is what I do. Journal of Discourses

Joseph Smith.
I know after I came to Christ, I still believed Joseph Smith was a prophet. It took a while for me to come to the conclusion that Joseph _never_ heard from God. (I know that is a shocking concept) But, he didn't. He was deeply involved in what we call the Occult. Today you might think of it as "white witchcraft." The point is, he was delving into the spirit realm and he saw _something_, but it wasn't God. I can say that with a great deal of certainty because all of the things he said God told him were _backwards_ from what God has said in the Bible.

You should read

And, if you are up for it

Here is someone you could talk to. She will be gentle and careful as she talks to you:

Charlotte Pardee
Ex-Mormons for Jesus
226 W. Chapman Ave
Orange, CA 92866

Please keep me posted and please ask me any questions you like.

Again, you are not bugging me.


May God rich bless you and may Jesus reveal Himself fully to you,

Jim Spencer
Through the Maze Ministry