Hi Jim!

I have a friend who is asking me to show her in the Bible where God says that Polygamy is wrong (therefore, condemning men like Abraham who had more than one wife--as acting in sin).I told her that God always has said this is wrong but that he doesn't abandon His children when they sin and that Abraham, David, etc. were all sinning when they did this. When you have time to respond, I would appreciate it!





God does not specifically condemn polygamy in the Bible. However, the Bible teaches in Genesis that God created man and then created a suitable helpmate for her--Eve. He said the _two_ should become one. That was his intent. The Old Testament (as well as the New) always assumes the reader knows what a marriage is. IT was to be "as it was in the beginning," as Jesus told the Jews who inquired about divorce. The New Testament always assumes one man and one woman equal a marriage. Teachers in the Church are admonished to be "the husband of one wife."

Interestingly enough, the Book of Mormon condemns polygamy, calling the polygamy of David and Solomon "abominations."

Jim Spencer