Dear Mr. Spencer,

Thanks again for answering my email so quickly. You are amazing. I have asked so many other people questions through different web sites and no one has answered but you. I've been so confused for the past two months. I knew deep in my heart, that something was wrong. But the missionaries always seemed to have an answer for everything. I would write down references from the Bible and they would get me so confused. I'm sure for them I was easy since I'm no expert on the Bible and have a hard time quoting scriptures.

Like I said in another email, I found your web site today and I feel like the biggest burden has been lifted off my chest. I've wanted to talk to someone for the past month about all this but didn't know who to turn too. I kept praying to God to help me find the right answer. I knew deep in my heart that Joseph Smith was a false prophet, but the missionaries would make me question myself. I prayed and prayed to God to help me. And I know he did because I found you.




I'm so glad I was able to help. I hope will continue to read the material on my site. Also, I hope you will find the couraage to tell the missionaries that you don't want them coming around any more. They will continue to confuse you. Finally, I hope you will find a good Bible-believing church to attend and find some Christian friends. Without that, you are set up and easy prey for the cults.

Look for the packet I sent you and email me if you have specific questions.

Jim Spencer
Through the Maze Ministry