The book you recommeded is absolutely wonderful, Hassan's Combatting Cult Mind Control" I've copied the section about the four types of mind control and given it to my daughter's friend. I am ex-Mormon myself, an excruciating process which took me about twenty-five years to complete. Although I felt absolutely delivered, like a great burden had been lifted from my soul, when I finally asked for my name to be taken from the records of the church, living here in Utah is still not very comfortable. My husband and I grew up in Idaho and hope that circumstances will allow us to return one day. I remember it as a more balanced, culturally diverse atmosphere where people weren't excoriated for their religious differences. Do I wear rose-colored glasses in this regard?

I would really love to live in a place where my underwear is no one else's business. Often when I was teaching college, I would have students come to me on the first day of class and ask why I didn't wear garments. When I would tell them I wasn't Mormon, many would drop my classes-without knowing what kind of teacher I was (in fact my reviews were very good). It's wonderful to have so much research and information available at this point. All I really had to go on during my journey was the sick feeling in my gut whenever my spirit was violated.

I've always recommended Bradshaw's Creating Love (which I highlighted and gave to Chad initially) because of the way it describes dysfunctional patriarchal behavior; but the Hassan is so very concrete in explaining the techniques used to manipulate, shame, and control our spirits. I'm still reading the rest myself. It gives me a great deal of peace to be able to know just how and why my Mormon experiences were so very uncomfortable.

Thank you for the work you do. I wish I had been able to find someone to help me through years ago. I've promised myself that I'll never be quiet when I find someone else who is suffering as I did. Even now after years of feeling that I definitely made the right choice, your information gives me great comfort.

A million times, thank you,