Mr. Spencer,

I'll begin with a little background. My husband was raised Mormon. His family is VERY involved. Their family can be traced back to J. Smith and some twins that were given to him.(?) Anyway, my husband hasn't gone to a Mormon church since I've known him (over 8 yrs.) He goes to church with me. Would he go to a different demonination if he didn't have doubts about the mormon beliefs? If I ask him about becoming a god, the differences in the "levels of heaven", God once being a human etc. He says he wasn't ever taught those things. Are they selective in their teachings?

I have TONS of questions, but will leave it at these for now. Sorry if this is confusing.



If it is confusing, it is because _Mormonism_ is confusing. :)

There is a "cultural Mormonism" that comes back to haunt Latter-day Saints long after they leave it. If he is in a position where religion is not too important to him right now, he can go with you to church without bothering him much. But, when the crunch comes (let's say you have a baby, or your child approaches the age of eight) he will be scurrying back to Mormonism, unless he is genuinely born again. And at that time anything you have to say to him will be lost in the pressure he is feeling from his family. _Now_ is your chance.

Having said that, unless he has a genuine hunger, nothing you say will do more than fall on deaf ears. So, our ultimate weapon is prayer. Pray that God will snap him out of his lethargy and wake him up.

Keep reading. Keep studying.

I am mailing you a packet of information I think you will find helpful.

Jim Spencer
Through the Maze Minsitry