Dear Mr. Spencer,

I would like to commend you for standing boldly against Mormonism. I have been receiving your newsletters for several years now, but your June 7 newsletter is perhaps the most important one you have published. I have watched with great dismay the likes of Fox News' commentators expound on how unfairly Mr. Romney is being treated in regard to his religious belief and have greatly feared they are doing nothing but adding to the dangerous misconception that Mormonism is another form of Christianity. And all through their ignorance of the truth behind Mormonism. They have lumped those of us who believe Mormonism to be a cult into the category of "radical, fundamental, Christian whackos" who are filled with hatred for anyone who doesn't agree with them. I recently reviewed your video "Mormonism: Has Anything Changed" and actually entertained the idea of sending it to Sean Hannity, who is perhaps the most vocal in this regard, and the most deceived.

I have had the extreme priviledge a few years back to witness to 7 Mormon missionaries who, weekly, came into our pizzaria for over a year and a half. We fed them pizza and the Word of God. I was blessed to be part of our daughter-in-law's conversion, a Mormon from birth, and reject all she had been taught and embrace her Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. God took me on a whirlwind education, indeed, and then placed Mormon's in my path! My prayers are that seeds have been planted and that one day I will see the fruit.

I owe a large part of my knowledge of Mormonism to men such as yourself, and I thank you for that. Without "watchmen on the wall", men such as you who aren't afraid to reveal the lies and deceit that are quickly permeating our churches and being embraced by our evangelical leaders, many would be lost. May the Lord richly bless you and open ears and hearts to what you have to say.

Our nation is in perilous times, both internationally and within our own confines. To place a Mormon in the position of President would be tantamount to giving license to a theocracy, and as you mentioned in your newsletter, obedience to the will of the LDS leadership. (I was astounded to read of Romney's ancestral past!) May the Lord prevent such abomination from us, and may He once again restore favor to our nation.