Hi Jim,

This is Karen again. I first wanted to thank you AGAIN! :) And I wanted to let you know, we have made some tiny bit of progress. Last Sunday was the week he had set to go to the Calvary Chaple with me and then race home to go to the LDS church. Well durring the service at Calvary he was not speaking to me, made no effort to even acknowledge my presents beside him. Then when Pastor Bob was telling a story about being un equally yoked with a non-believer (he actually gave a Mormon/non-Mormon example! yikes! I was just waiting for the Booom! But.... after the service he said lets go out for lunch with two friends we have at the church! That was HUGE!

But we got home and he didn't even shut the car off, got my son and I out of the car and he was off to the LDS church. I was very disappointed I must say, but I just decided it was a beautiful day and I loaded up the dogs and my son and some snacks and we headed out to the mountains.... well not 30 minutes later my cell phone rang and it was my husband back home!! I asked what was going on, he said he was sitting in the parking lot and started to feel sick and he actually said "I just felt like I shouldn't be there" Holy Cow this was BIG! I whipped the truck around and raced home and we picked him up and all went out together as a family. It was great (and not one mention of being sick all day when we were out playing catch and climbing hills). I thanked Jesus for such a cleaver and awesome plan, stomach pain! Works for me! LOL! What ever it takes!! Of course just as we got home my husband said he would just go next week to the LDS church instead.... so here is hoping for some other physical manifistation in the parking lot if nessisary! LOL! ugh! Well any how I just had to share with you that the Lord does indeed move in great ways everyday!

Okay, now to my Revelation question. In 22:12 it says..... And, behold, I come quickly; and my reward is with me, to give every man according as his work shall be.

This was pointed out by my husband as the "see I told you so" moment. And I have no answer that would satisfy him so I was hoping you could give me some guidence there. I may be wrong but I took it to be talking about those left who had not excepted Christ. Am I totally off base?

Again, thanks!

middle Karen,

You are right--it is _huge_!

However, I'm sure the battle is far from over.

Have you ever written to Sharon Taylor:

I know she'd love to hear from you.

The best advice I can give you is _not_ to talk doctrine with him, but leave him to God (who seems to be doing pretty good) :)

As for the Revelation question. It really isn't clear what is meant there. It could be as you seem to be saying that Jesus is coming back to judge those who did not accept him. There also is an idea that the saved will, indeed, receive some reward for faithfulness in the world to come. What that reward may be is unknown. But it is _not_ entrance into a "higher" level or kingdgom.