I'm what you call a recovering exMormon I guess. When I finally gave my heart to Christ in truth (the Bible) instead of their fiction, I started researching what they REALLY believed. From age 14-18 I was led blindly, doing everything they told me to do without question, and when I started rebelling (like most teenagers) against everything, I stopped attending their church and gave up, figuring I was destined for hell anyway. That went on for almost 14 years, can you believe it?

What a silly fool I was for being too afraid to seek the truth. My parents are non-church goers with non-biblical beliefs in some areas so I couldn't find any comfort from their answers. I still have a step-sister deeply involved in Mormonism so I try every chance I get to learn more about their false doctrine. She's been in it almost 30 years now so it's tough to know how to reach her. Plus we haven't been close since I left the cult. We see each other about once a year!

Thank you for taking the time to listen to my ramblings. I have to admit, I'm still coping with some of the brain washing (though subtle) they did to me but the Lord is patient with me! He carries me through when I give it to him!