I left the Mormon church a little over a year ago, and am now born again in Jesus. In many ways I feel like somewhat of a "freak", in that I was VERY active in Mormonism (temple-recommend holder, et al), living a "commendable Mormon lifestyle", and had absolutely no experience or reason to harbor bitter feelings against the church. In short, God did a miraculous work in me, and in revealing His Grace to me where I was at the time... which subsequently led me out of the church. The very first time I picked up an "apologetics" book was a year ago this month; I had already written my "exit letter" from the Mormon church and had sent it off to my bishop. The book was "Beyond Mormonism", written by you. I literally devoured the book within the course of three hours one afternoon. At the time, I wrote you an extensive letter thanking you for your words and your testimony. However, I had a very old copy someone had lent to me, and the letter came back to me with "address undeliverable" stamped on the front.

Last night, at a Freedom Seminar class, a brother there happened to ask completely out-of-the-blue if I'd ever attended any of your seminars. He also mentioned that you had a website, but was unable to provide the http address. After much searching on-line this morning, I finally found you.

At any rate, I wanted to sincerely thank you, as I meant to do over a year ago. I'd also love some information about your ministry, and dates as to when you are planning on speaking in the Seattle / Portland area next. Thank you again and again...




Wow! What a great letter.

Makes it all worthwhile.