I emailed you a few weeks ago, then I received your packet of material. Thank you for sending it!!

Now I have one last question:

If you remember, my original predicament was over my Mormon neighbors and our children playing together. Well, they all showed up on our doorstep on Easter, giving us a big Easter basked full of goodies, plays a half-hour Mormon video. I will return the video to them.

Should I confront them and tell them to keep their faith on "their side of the fence?"?? I keep hoping the get the hint. And then I heart that some Mormons feel "responsible" for some folks "salvation." I just want them to back off. How blunt do I have to be?

I really appreciate your opinion.




Dear Janice,

I think this is a real opportunity to say something like this:

"We love you, but we believe Mormonism is not a genuine expression of Christianity. We believe it does not present the Gospel Message clearly. We do not want our children to become indoctrinated. We do not believe we can have Christian fellowship across our doctrinal differences, although we believe we can have you as good friends.

Hope that helps.




Thanks Jim. I'll run this by my husband. See what he thinks. I'll be ordering some stuff from you. Via snail mail. You have a real gift.

Thanks for your input.

God Bless,