message: Jim,

I cannot even begin to tell you how much your website and your book, Beyond Mormonism has helped me. I was raised believing that having a relationship with Jesus Christ was the most important thing a person can have in life. I moved out to Arizona 2 years ago and began dating and fell in love with a non-practicing Mormon. I really knew nothing about Mormonism throughout our relationship because he would barely talk about it. I knew bits and pieces from what I read on the internet and few things I watched on TV, but thought, hey...we both believe in Jesus Christ, he has great morals, and he has a very loving family....we can make this work... I WAS SO WRONG! We know two different Jesus's!

He always said he wanted to return to his church one day. As time went on in our relationship I realized he doesn't really show me a lot of love, he cant say he loves me, he doesn't really have an opinion on anything, and he seemed so sad all the time. Like a man coming back from a war or something. Don't get me wrong..we did have some great times just a majority of it was like above. (by the way, he had returned from a mission of two years-six-months before we started dating.) Then one day out of the blue he broke it off with me because he wanted to get back in the church and I wasn't Mormon so he didn't see a future for us. I was heartbroken. We got together a week later after he said he truly loved me and wanted us to find God together and I told him I would have to pray to see if his church was the true church. His missionary friend talked to me and a lot of what they said made some sense but they still dodged a lot of my questions with "if you believe it to be the truth, you shouldn't question it. I understood that concept but was still frustrated by some of the factual evidence I had found against the church. I did however decide to go to church with them on Sunday. I needed to feel the lords presence. I told him that if I go into this church and it turns out to be that we are not worshiping Jesus....and focusing on Joseph, I might lose my mind and walk out!!

Needless to say...I never made it to church with him. I did want to go, but he kept delaying it. Thats when I began a full-on investigation reading the non-biased Mormon info, and some "anti- mormon" as they called it info. After reading all of the contradictions, reading the doctrines, rules of the church, and basically anything I could get my hands on, I came to realize that he was the one that was lost...not me. His soul needs help, but I know I can't be the one to help him. He has been deeply brainwashed by the people in his church which would explain a lot of his coldness in him. Like looking at a deer in headlights sometimes. Jim, is this a normal mormon behavior? . I hope that one day he will be saved. I can only put it in Gods hands now. I just want to thank you Jim, for not only showing Mormonism for what it truly is, but also helping people who truly want to find the truth. You have helped me cope with this chapter in my life tremendously and may God bless you for it!!

I ask all Latter-day Saints out there.....have you ever broke down and cried because you felt the amazing love of Jesus Christ shooting through every vain in your body?? If do not know GOD. He's waiting for you.

God Bless,


Yes, unfortunately, his reaction is very "normal." I think you have seen it exactly right. And thank God you have because it would have been disastrous for you to go further than you did. Fortunately, you knew God well enough to see the counterfeit.

I hope your letter will serve as a warning to others who find themselves in the position you were in.

God richly bless you,

Jim Spencer
Through the Maze Ministry