Dear Sir,

My name is George. . . . and I am a born-again non-denominational Christian. I've had some Mormon missionaries visiting my home and I know how hard it can be during missionary work so I decided to listen to what they had to say. They've visited 3 times as of last night. I recently came back to the Lord father's day 2001 and I have not had a chance to study the Mormon beliefs so I thought I might at least learn what they believed since all I've been told is to stay away from them. That's not what Paul or the apostles would have done so I shared my beliefs with them and let them share their beliefs with me. Some strange events took place during their visit last night and after looking over your website I was hoping you could give me some insight. I'll begin with some background on my personal beliefs and then explain what happened.

Much of what they had to say I agreed with. I have studied the old testament and bible archeology extensively for over 10 years now and I am convinced that the 10 northern tribes of Israel and a large portion of the house of Judah populated much of Europe after the assyrian . I also believe that America is the regathering of these "lost tribes" I do not believe in the "rapture" but that Jesus Christ will return one time only and that is to set up his kingdom here on this earth (1000 year reign, then the "end"). I am also a huge fan of Martin Luther, Wycliff, Huss, etc. . . .

Now with all that being said, this is what took place in my house last night (there were 3 missionaries present). The missionaries told me that God has written these things on my heart to prepare me to receive their message. That is why [they said] the majority of my views for the most part line up with the views held by the Mormon church. As they were ministering to me they showed me some pictures and asked me if I believed that God appeared to Joseph Smith. I have had several extreme life changing spiritual experiences in the past, so I know that this is possible (Jesus did appear to Paul on the road to Damascus). When I said I thought that it was possible a very strange thing happened, I felt what most Evangelicals and Pentecostals call "the presence of the Holy Spirit". A feeling of peace came over me and I was unable to think, almost like an intoxicating feeling. The missionaries told me that they had never felt "the presence of the Spirit" that thick before and they began to cry. They went through the rest of their presentation very emotional and I remained in a state of intoxication unable to think clearly. They then asked me if I wanted to pray and I said a simple prayer to Yahweh asking him if all this was true to please let me know beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Still having this feeling after they left for a moment I began to wonder how it was possible that people who did not have the truth could manifest the presence of the Holy Spirit. Looking back and adding up all the events which took place leading up to their visit I think I understand what happened, but while they were present I was unable to test my hypothesis. I had to work 2 extra days this week and I had maybe 4 hours of sleep the past 2 nights. . . . When the LDS missionaries showed up . . . . I had just gotten off work, and I was completely exhausted. They told me that God told them to drop all of their other appointments that day and to come and witness to me.

I was a counterintelligence agent in the army so I know that sleep depravation and emotional circumstances can make a person open to suggestion and open in the spiritual realm. I am also becoming better educated in spiritual warfare after reading several books on the subject. I know for a fact that Lucifer can counterfeit the feeling of being "in the presence of the Lord" because I had an experience with a woman who was trying to convince me to attend a party where there would be people doing drugs and I was surrounded with the same exact feeling. I later found out she was basically a witch who channeled spirits, was into crystals, and whose husband was a satanist. I have experienced the same feeling at extreme Pentecostal meetings [which were out of order]. The missionaries made it a point to tell me that Lucifer cannot counterfeit the feeling of peace after I told them that feelings come and go and they insisted that I come to one of their meetings this morning to see "how I feel". I declined and I am just getting the chance to do some research and found your website.

I really wish I had remembered to "test the spirit" when they were in my house to command any unclean spirits present to leave in the name of Jesus Christ because the thought keeps nagging me "what if that feeling really was God and not an unclean spirit?" I do know that God will not override a person's will and the more I think about it, the more I am realizing that is exactly what happened. My mind was very clear when I had that feeling and I was almost unable to think due to the enjoyment of the feeling. I definitely did not think to question the source of the spiritual presence. I was wondering if you could give me any feedback on what took place. Something spiritual definitely happened because they all stated they were overwhelmed with the same feeling and began to cry. I'm considering having them visit again and asking them to duplicate the same feeling of the "presence of the Lord" so that I can speak in authority and know for a fact if it was the Holy Spirit or an unclean spirit.

Any feedback you can give me would be great. Is this a common occurrence? Have you had any experiences like this one? I do remember that when I agreed with them and professed that I believed God and Jesus appeared to Joseph Smith I began to sense something spiritual taking place. Could I have "come into agreement" with an unclean spirit attached to these people? Please excuse me if my views seem a bit extreme but I could really use your help as they are pushing me to "come and get baptized". The last thing I need is more spiritual oppression on my shoulders. Thank you in advance,



Wow! A lot to think about. And a lot, I believe, may be riding on my answer to you.

First let me say that there is a strong spirit of Mormonism. It is intoxicating and powerful. The question is, as you correctly ask, where does it come from? And how does one test it?

I am, as you probably know, a former Mormon elder. For the past thirty years I have worked to bring Latter-day Saints to Christ. During that time, I have had numerous spiritual encounters of great magnitude.

In my opinion, the only sure way to test Mormonism is to test the doctrine the missionaries bring. You gave excellent reasons for not relying on "feelings." Men (even godly men) constatnly fall into sin when they rely on how they feel about a thing rather than what God says about it. For example, many ministers fall into adultery. They even, sometimes, come to believe that God has made a special exception for them, so they can feed the desire in their hearts. But the Bible is clear that adultery is a sin.

What doctrines do the Mormon missionaries bring? Do they bring doctrines of demons? I believe they do. Although these missionaries may have talked about things you agree with--peripheral issues--they are doubtless far from you in the central areas of the faith. Concepts such as The Nature of God; the nature of man; the separation of man from God; and the cure for that separation: on all these bedrock issues, Mormonism is far from biblical. That is not my opinion only. It is the opinion of the best Evangelical minds of the Body of Christ for the past 150 years. Mormonism is a cult, not because these young men are evil, but because the undestanding they have about God, man, and salvation IS evil.

You said that Paul would not have shut them out of your house, and you are right. But, without putting you down, I have to say, you are not Paul! The fact that you were led into exactly the wrong areas of discussion and missed the right areas tells me that you doubtless would be safer if you did not continue your discussions with them.

Since you asked my opinion, let me tell you that what you should do is find out about Mormonism from biblically based sources, not from the apostles of Mormonism. Often, when I say that to Mormons, they say, "Well, if you want to know about Mormonism, you should ask a Mormon." Nothing could be more wrong. I reply to them: "If I wanted to know about Communism, would I ask Fidel Castro or Alexander Solzhenitsyn?" To use a plainer example, If you wanted to know whether or not you should have extramarital sex, should you ask a minister of the Gospel, or someone soliciting for a prostitute?

So, George, I commend you for your desire to know the truth. And I also commend you to "The Law and Testimony" (Isa. 80:20)

    19 And when they shall say unto you, Seek unto them that have familiar spirits, and unto wizards that peep, and that mutter: should not a people seek unto their God? for the living to the dead? 20 To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, [it is] because [there is] no light in them.
We must test the false apostles not by how nice they appear:
    2Co 11:14 And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.

So, read my web site, and the web sites of others who have been there and escaped. I have thousands of pages on my site, a dozen full books, all of which can be downloaded free. Study the literature.

Also, keep me posted. After you have given yourself sufficient time to come up to speed on this and after you have worked you way out of the missionary discussions, let me know.

Finally, I would forward this email to your pastor if I were you, so that he can help you with this.