Good Evening,

I read the attachment you sent me. I put it on a floppy as I will need to read it again. I have so much trouble reading your material. I have so many questions, and as I read your web site, your books, etc., I get so many more questions but I always get so depressed, I can only take so much then have to get away. I do not understand what comes over me as I am always struck with the love and patience you show.

I find myself saying, please Jesus forgive them and save them. I try to read until I am nearly in tears. If you could pull yourself and your family away, why are so many people trapped and/or lost? It really hurts. I thank God for saving me from all the influences I had to become a Mormon, but thank Him more for people like you who can teach and guide me and others.

I have your book "Have You Witnessed to a Mormon Lately", I need to read it again. I have neighbors who had not gone to church for 25 years but kept up with the home study and tithing. They got a new home study person, he has gotten them back into church, guess I did not witness very well. Well I can still pray for them.

You do so much, I pray God will continue to guide you and give you strength to keep up with all you do and to keep going. Take care, and thank you.



Well, I don't always have patience. It really sometimes is a trial. But I have learned that it isn't my job to get people saved, it is my job to _witness_ to people. In other words, I'm in sales; God is in mangement. I try to aboide being frustrated and overly upset. In time, you just learn to keep doing what's right and every now and then, you are present when somebody gets saved.

Thanks for you interest not only in thisministry, but in the Mormon people.