Dear Mr. Spencer:

Thank you for your speedy reply. I appreciate what you are sending and will be happy to reimburse you. My Christian aunt loaned me "Have You Witnessed..." and I just finished it today. I also downloaded and read "Beyond Mormonism" a few days ago. Both are fantastic and I plan to obtain them for my own library for future reference. Thank you for writing them!

Four days ago we got our official letter back from SLC stating that we are no longer members (per our request).

Briefly I'll share my story. About a year ago my husband (Paul) was surfing the internet for Egyptian stuff (he's always been fascinated with Egypt and loves the TV show Stargate SG1 which was his primary motivation for being on the internet that day). Somehow he landed on a University's web page (he thinks Iowa State) staring at a strangely familiar looking Papyrus. He recognized it from the facsimiles in the back of the P of G Price. At first he thought he had discovered a way to PROVE the church true but very quickly he found it was just the opposite! (We were TOTALLY ignorant of any problem with the Book of Abraham and any other problems for that matter). He tried to discuss his findings with me time and time again but I being a "very good, obedient Mormon girl" refused to view that "anti" stuff and was appalled that my husband had fallen into the grasps of Satan. I was so embarrassed I didn't tell anyone but my sister-in-law (Paul's sister) about what he was doing. I didn't know what to do. January to June of this year was a VERY stressful period of time for our marriage, the most trying time ever. Finally about the 23 of June it came to a head and we both exploded. He basically gave me an ultimatum (to read his accumulated stuff-because the Book of Abraham just led him to another problem and to another problem, etc. or to leave him for a while). I didn't want to leave him! He's a great husband. But you know..... So I decided to read his stuff (I think I thought I could disprove it because I was still so sure the church was true and that all "anti" stuff was just made up junk to try to ruin the church). It took one day of reading to realize there was a MAJOR problem! I haven't stopped reading since that day. I have read everything I can get my hands on.

On September 20th after watching the DNA vs. the Book of Mormon video and having that pastor tell me I "could obtain salvation right here right now from where ever you are" I asked Jesus to come into my life and have been trusting him ever since. October was the hardest month of my life but yet with Him, I survived it! (We informed our families we were leaving the church the 2nd week in October and sent in our exit letters the 3rd week of October). Our families (that I grew up in and Paul's sister) have reacted in the typical Mormon way. They were shocked, hurt, upset, angry, some even down right nasty and hateful, others just silent-which hurts almost as much as words. Anyway, you know the routine, you've been dealing with this since I was one! (My parents joined the church in 1976 or 77 when I was 3).

I very badly want to be involved in educating people about the deceit of Mormonism. I'm thinking about placing a little weekly column in the local newspaper (if they allow this sort of thing) entitled "Did you know?" and putting things in the article about B.Y. teaching Adam is God, the DNA stuff, conception of Jesus, etc. Have you heard of anyone attempting this and was there any success in doing it? Also, I know local churches used to show "God Makers" but do you know are churches typically willing to do something so controversial as this? Do you think a local church might consider showing the "Bible vs. the Book of Mormon" video (if they had permission to use the video)? What other ways could I be actively useful? Any ideas?

Well, I know you must be very busy and probably get 100 emails a day from people like me. I just feel so alone as a new ex-mormon. Just respond as you have time. I will appreciate anything you have to say.




Hi Jim,

I just wanted to thank you for talking with my wife. I had a small break here at the office and read all of Sharon' s emails and testimony. Her story is just like mine except my wife decided I wasn' t crazy J. It' s been hard but with Jesus Christ' s help I was able to pull her out. My story started as a young child when I used to stare at the Book of Abraham pictures and think here is proof that Joe Smith was really a prophet. One day I came across the BOA papyrus and my journey out of the Morg started. (My very first thought was here is proof and the church needs to know about it so they can proclaim it to the world, little did I know!)

Strange thing that happened was that I was just as confused as Sharon and had no one that would listen except for Christ. I had not found any friends that were thinking the same things nor did I trust anyone with it. I actually asked Jesus to take my life because I was sick of everything including my wife not listening. And you know that' s exactly what he did. From that moment on I know that Jesus has been at my side. I mean really there. Almost like I can reach out and touch him.

Emily' s shell finally cracked when we had just birthed our 4th child. We were both tired and angry at each other (we usually never fight like this) but she yelled out she wanted a divorce. I calmly went outside and watered the flowers knowing my "friend" was with me. Jesus calm voice only uttered "Let her go". I had to ask again. "Sorry Lord but I have to make sure, what did you say?" Again he said, "Let her go." When I started to pack her bags and get her ready I just said I wanted her to be happy and I was tired of her not listening to me (meaning my Mormon findings). She said she didn' t mean it but was tired of hearing about the church she loved. Things calmed down for the night. That night or next morning (around 11:59pm) I wrote her a letter and asked her to just look at things I had collected. I had actually researched and recorded over 130 pages of direct Mormon quotes, no "anti" anything.

Needless to say she, I and our 4 kids are now no longer Mormon (as of Friday we received our exit letter from LDS HQ). Emily is still in that searching and learning stage of the process so your emails are of great excitement. She has said the sinner' s prayer and is pretty solid when it comes to the Morg being false. However, she has a brother (Walking FARMS) ("Arrogant True Believer") that can really stir things up. She also has an Aunt that is Baptist (Anti-Mormon) and has sent a lot of books one of which is your, Witnessing to Mormons. She and I have enjoyed the book but it is to go back to the Aunts so I would like to buy it for her. Go ahead and send the book and let me know the price and shipping costs. I will be glad to send you a check or donation.

Thanks again. I know there are a lot of Mormons that will never believe and I feel for them. I am glad for people, like you, that have the power and time to fight for their souls. The information would have been a lot harder to find if I did not have the internet and people who are willing to post the hard core information about the MORG.