Dear Mr. Spencer,

I was so excited to find your website, I have read your book, "Have you Witnessed to a Mormon Lately," and loved it. How loving, how kind, but how firm that book was. It changed my whole attitude.

I am an ex-Mormon. I was in the church for 19 years, I was married in the SLC temple, but I can honestly say, I was never happy. In fact, I was in a depression for 17 of those 19 years. I attempted to take my own life several times, because I knew I wasn't going to "make it" anyway, I could never live up to all those rules.

But last Easter, Jesus found me. My mother, who had left Mormonism just a few months before, invited me to the Evangelical Free Church of Orem for Easter Service (since General Conference is on Easter and Mormons don't really do anything anyway) and WOW. I really started to understand what Jesus did for me. He died for my sins, all of the them, and that there was nothing I could ever do to earn that gift. But I could accept it and give my life to Him and then live my life for Him.

What a difference this has made to me. I go through my days singing praises to him (really, I drive my family nuts with my singing). I have gotten your book at the Orem Public Library and passed it around several times.

I am not dedicating my life to witnessing to Mormons. It's not difficult to find any, since I live in Utah County, not far from BYU. But I must say that I do most of my witnessing on the Internet. I go into Mormon chat rooms and witness there.

With the help of your book, I have helped some people to start to question. I truly believe that is the way to witness to a Mormon, you must make them start to question, and then, as they search out the answers, they will find Jesus.

I am now directing many to your site, along with several others who post the truth for all to see.

May God Bless you and help you in your continued work.

In His Service,

Elizabeth L.

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Thank you again.