Mr. Spencer,

I originally heard of you after contacting Eric Barger. He subsequently placed my testimony on his website and mailed me some info from your ministry.

I just received your "To Sharon With Love" article. Your responses to her were AWESOME! Where were you when I was coming out of Mormonism??? :)

She is struggling with many of the same things I did. I was ambivalent for two years before I made the break away from Mormonism. Even after beginning to attend a bible-believing church, I retained certain fears. Mainly, which was REALLY true?? If I renounce Mormonism, will I end up in outer darkness?? If I reject becoming born again, will I go to hell? What a struggle.

I also went to the temple in Wash. DC one last time even though I didn't believe it. I told my bishop clearly that I no longer believed in the BOM, didn't support him or the prophet, etc. Yet, he gave me a temple recommend! I reluctantly rode with my husband (who was angry with me) to DC and tried to ignore all the video. I simply sat there and prayed that God would reveal to me His truths. At numerous points, I forgot to get up and put on the various temple clothing items. I remember feeling nauseated and an overpowering sense of evil. I could hardly wait to get out of the place. Then I recalled that aweful eye in the SLC temple. YUK! It was creepy. At any rate, when I left the DC temple, I told my husband, "Never again." I cited several areas I found disgusting -- slashing throat, etc. Also, did you ever wonder what goes on behind the many closed doors throughout the temple? Members only go through a very small portion of them.

I found I had almost no help (at least from pastors) in leaving the church. God just lead me to the right books, resources, etc. I read extensively on the New Age movement and discovered similarities to Mormonism. Not to mention Roman Catholicism. There is a similar strand that permeates all the cults, and I soon could see that they were not biblical. Thus, I began to lean more and more on just the Bible and read it without preconceived thoughts.

I obtained info from Utah Lighthouse Ministries and was able to crumble the foundation of Mormonism by discovering various discrepancies in the BOM itself. Suddenly the entire book fell apart! I had actually discovered some of the discrepancies by myself (God lead no doubt) but their info further confirmed even more problems.

I could go on for hours, but I wanted to encourage you in your ministry to all LDS seekers. I will pray daily for Sharon as she and hopefully, her husband eventually walk away from the church. My husband did not follow for 18 mos. and then only to appease me and spare our marriage. By his own admission, he really didn't accept Jesus until another year or two after that. He put on a good act initually, but I knew he was a "false convert" for quite some time.

As I read your conversations with Sharon, another thought crossed my mind. One thing I prayed for towards the end was for God to only fill my mind with the truth of His Word and to erase from my mind the false teachings of Mormonism. I used to get to completely confused that I could hardly think. My mind would simply swim with various conflicting thoughts. God is so wonderful -- He did clear my mind eventually. It's like he put correc theology in one file and false theology in another. I can still open up that file on fale teachings, but I recognize them as false! He's so awesome!

Even today I seem to have the gift of discernment. I can spot false doctrine in many things I read, including some "Christian" authors. There is even distortion of the truth in our churches, as they continue to bring in more and more psychology and things of the world. I believe we are in the apostasy and the time is short before Jesus takes us from this earthly existence.

I am cuarrently a Dir. of a Christian ministry -- pro-life-- pregnancy care center. We proclaim the Gospel to teens and young women faced with possible unplanned pregnancies. We minister to many people deceived by cults and many who are what we call "false converts."

Again, thank you for your ministry and I will keep both you and Sharon in my prayers.