Hello Mr. Spencer,

It seems that God does work in mysterious ways indeed. I found your site just a day after I made up my mind to resign my membership in the LDS church. I have been reading some of the books on your site with great interest. I especially enjoyed Beyond Mormonism: An Elder's Story, because the very things you could not agree with about the church are the very things that I cannot agree with. Talk about something really touching ... No ... GRABBING your soul! It was truly a grand experience.

I have been contemplating this exit for a while now. Last month I accepted membership into a Christian ministry, and I am only now, at the tender young age of 47, discovering what Christianity is REALLY about. I contemplate accepting ordination into this ministry as soon as my ties to SLC are cut. I converted to the LDS church when I was 22 yrs old, and I really didn't have much knowledge of Christianity before that. Now that I am free of their grasp (except for the paperwork shuffle) I am really learning at breakneck speed what it is all about, and it is wonderful.

I want to thank you for your courage and for your mission. You have helped rescue 2 more souls from the grip of mormonism (my wife is also resigning from the church).

May the Lord Continue to Bless You ...


  Dennis, What a nice letter. Thank you so much. May God richly bless your new direction as you grow in Him. It is truly a wonderful thing to serve the Living God. Jim