I am the director for a homeschool organization. We are Christian in our perspective and require our teachers to be Christians. We are, however, open to all homeschoolers regardless of religion. That has brought us some very interesting things here lately. We are blessed to have Mormon families. It has opened up much dialog.

Recently, one of the mom's wanted to teach. Fortunately, someone loaned me your 2 books, Beyond Mormonism and Have you witnessed to a Mormon Lately? My understanding of Mormonism was very inadequate for the task about to present itself. (I also have had some Universalists and Christadelphians in the group.) I am so thankful for your books. I was prepared for the discussion that took place for 2 hours that next day. Several conversations have followed each several hours long. I am thankful for the Spirit of God Who led me to do much of what you had in your book before I read it (Have you witnessed to a Mormon Lately?). That was very ! encouraging to me.

But, I wanted you to know that the most difficult subject to work with has been the Trinity. It is the central argument with the Mormons as well as the Christadelphians. They reject it completely. It is hard when so many of the verses they will point to in the Bible seem to agree with them. I am ordering your 2 hour tapes on the Trinity. Thank you for being out there. I cannot begin to tell you what your books have done to give me confidence and ammunition to carry on an intelligent conversation with these folks. Any help you can give me on sources or things to read or listen to will be deeply appreciated. I am reading and focusing on the Trinity primarily right now as that is the next central theme to work through.

Thank you so much!



Thanks so much for your kind words. I thank God my books could help.

You are right on target by boning up on the Trinity.

I am sending them to you immediately at no charge, along with a couple of other things I think will help.

Jim Spencer