I wrote recently about my divorce from a Mormon women. You have since written me back and graciously sent me an information package. Since receiving the information I have visited your site daily, for hours at a time. I just finished reading "Why I love Mormons, but not Mormonism" I cant stop crying right now, you practically read my mind. I feel all the emotional destruction you write of.

My daughter, who is being raised by both me and my ex-wife through joint custody is going to be raised Mormon, of coursedue to the influence of through her mothers family. I fear that my daughter soon will lose emotional contact me. I am fearful she will "leave me" as her mother has done because I lacked faithful Christian conviction and knowledge. I am afraid that my encounter with Mormonism will eventually be the literal death of me. I scream in my head that my ex-wife will come to realize the errors of Mormonism, and that too destroys me knowing she never will.

I would like to know how to accept Christ as you have. I feel the LDS Church has won a victory over me: "He has left the church and now he is miserable;" "Do not associate with apostate Mormons," etc.. etc.

I am just overwhelmed with guilt that it is my fault I am divorced. I dont know if I am rambling on, and I dont know if you get a lot of emails, so I apologize if my email is an inconvenience for you. I just feel lost, and the document I just read moved me so much. Thank you for everything you have done for Mormonsim and those struggling to be overcome the destructive emotions it has caused.

God Bless,





Yes, you are in desperate need of A Close Encounter of the Best Kind. I mean, of course, being radically changed by Jesus Christ. He is the only solution. He is your only hope. He is the only One who can save you from the desperation and misery of the disaster you have just gone through.

If I remember correctly, you live in Utah. I have a friend there I want you to call: Blaine Hunsaker in Brigham City, a former Mormon. Here is his number: (xxx-xxxx). He will help you work through some of this.

In addition, I am sending you some audio tapes and the video tape, "The Mormon Dilemma." You have to work on two fronts. Yes, you need to understand Mormonism, to be deprogrammed from it. But even more important, you need to make a solid connection with Jesus. You need to find a church where the Bible is preached and where you can confide in a pastor. Blaine can help you think about that as well.

I am praying for you on this end. I am praying that Jesus will make Himself real to you, that you will be convertedtranslated from one kingdom to another, the Kingdom of the Son Whom He Loves. (Col. 1:13) You have a lot of needs right now. You are going to have to deal with Confusion and Fear, the two hallmarks of Mormonism. But, take heart, there _is_ life after Mormonism. And I'm confident you will find it in Christ. He has been gently leading you even through this present crisis.