That is fine. I was not seeking "congrats and good luck" from you or anyone. But knowing that you were once Mormon and found the truth.......was exciting.

I thought you would have more to give then advice to quit seeing this guy. You make it sound as if change is not possible. You changed. I thought you could give some wise words on what to say/how to say stuff to this guy in order for him to see the light.

I just don't feel as though went about responding in a Godly manner.

Godly counsel in ya'lls eyes = stop seeing him

If he does not change then that would be obvious. But there is always room for change and truth. I just thought you might be able to help me show him that. I guess not.


  Godly counsel in ya'lls eyes = stop seeing him
Correct, and if you heed it you will avoid a lot of pain.

_Somebody_ may win him, but not you. You are opperating from a place of extrene stubborn disobedience and selfish motivation. If you do right, God will honor that, but don't ask me to help you bend the rules so you can have what you want.

Who knows, if you _tried_ obedience, God might reward you with what you desire. I know that He will reward you--for obedience--with something better than a relationship with an unbeliever. God wants--more than you do--for your friend to be saved. But you have, in my experienced opinion, ruined your chance to have a voice in the man's life. Har you been _first_ interested in his salvation, and not your own desires, you would have handled this differently.

Now, if you really care for him, you should break it off and finally show him some resolve to do right.