Hello...I accidently discovered this site when I was looking for some information on getting sealed in the temple. I am not a memeber in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. But just looking for some information. I read Beyond Mormonism online here...It just about made me cry... [After dating a Mormon girl...] she asked me to take the Mormon missionary disscussions. I have finished them all, have been to church a few times, and gotten to learn a lot. It is up to me if I want to be baptized. I already knew that there were some things wrong with this church. But being there and seeing everyone just made me blind I guess. I just wanted to believe so much that it was true so I could be with her.

But after finding this site and reading that book, it underscored in my mind the things that are wrong. I'm just stuck right now...I don't know what I'm going to do. I don't know if I can find the right way to say it without crying before I can. I know that we have come really close to eachother now. It's going to be really hard to tell her that I won't be able to join! ....I had a question to ask, I don't know if people reply to these e-mails, but I was wondering what church is James Spencer with. I was hoping to find some comfort with Christ...

Thanks for your time...



I hear stories like yours a lot. Thank God you were able to see through the Maze of Mormonism. Although, you may not be out of the woods yet.

I do hope you can get plugged in to a good, Bible-believing church and get some good teaching. What churches have you attended in the past? Do you know any Christian pastors of Christians from school that you can talk to.

What you need to do is to develop your faith. That will take time. But, believe me, it is well worth the effort.

If you send me your postal mailing address, I will send you an information pack, a couple of tracts, and a couple of pamphlets.

Keep me posted,

Jim Spencer