Dear Christian brother,

In the past three years Mormonism has hit very close to home for me. Two and a half years ago I started dated a Mormon. Our relationship began to get more serious and religion became a serious issue. He was raised by newly converted Mormon parents and I was raised in a conservative Christian home. At first he kept telling me not to worry about it because we were in love and things would work out for us. Last August he left for his mission.

I've realized in the past 11 months that what is really important is not his relationship with me, but his relationship with Christ. I've done a lot of tearful praying and reading. I know the Mormon church is false and I don't want him, or anyone, to be deceived by it. People tell me it will be impossible for him to leave the church, especially after he's served his mission. But I know that nothing is impossible for God. The power of prayer is awesome.

When I get his letters talking about how excited he is to be doing the Lord's work I do get a little discouraged. Then I find wonderful sites like this one and it reminds me of the wonderful love and power of our Lord.

Even if my boyfriend and I are never together again, I want more than anything for him and his family to be free from the Mormon Church and know the wonder of the true gospel of Christ. I would appreciate your prayers as well as any words of advice if you have the time. Thank you again for this wonderful site!

Peace of Christ,



Thank you for the hope!

Why do I say that? Because your letter gives me hope that some Christians are able to put God's will for their romantic relationships above their own hopes and dreams. That is not always the case.

You have decided to follow the counsel of scripture and pray for your boyfriend's salvation even if it means that the two of you will not be together. Too often, the people I encounter are only desperate to find a way to get their friend converted, and often for the wrong reason.

So, I commend you for your stand. I do share with you the hope that your friend will find Christ, and if he does, who knows what God may have for the two of you. In the mean time, however, the right decision is to end the romantic relationship because it cannot go anywhere unless God miraculously intervenes.

I will continue to pray for both of you.