Dear Spencer,

Thank you very much for your website and sharing your advice about the LDS religion. I've recently opened my eyes and snapped out of this religious nightmare. I've been seriously dating a Mormon for 2 yrs. I've been going to church w/ his family for 9 mo, and I was baptized 2 mo ago. Lately, I'm miserable. I realize, from your responses to emails, that I must end this relationship. This decision is for my own good, and I could fellowship w/ Evangelical believers again. Please, pray for me so I can move on without my LDS significant other. We are in love, but our love isn't healthy and acceptable in the eyes of God. I intend on reading and sharing books, written by former LDS members, w/ my boyfriend. Do you think these books, besides your's, could teach him that the LDS church isn't the true church? How do I tell LDS friends that nobody has seen God in a forest? This is getting long. Thanks for reading email from people like me.

Jeanne message 2:

Dear Mr. Spencer,

My real name is Jennifer. I was reluctant to give my real name in my first email. Anyway, I've read more about you, and you look like a kind person. Do you still speak in seminars around the country? Will you give one in the midwest? Which radio/tv stations can I hear/see you? I met my LDS boyfriend in fall 1999. We were seniors in an American Baptist college in IL. I've always wondered why he chose Judson College instead of a state school or BYU. He was mentored for his religious confusion and issues by professors. He told me he was a Mormon, "more or less," and he hadn't been to church in 2 yrs when we met in Sept 99. However, I was naive and dated him on/off, and now I've decided to discontinue going to church w/ his family. Could Marc and I listen/see you in a seminar, tv, or radio? I know you read many emails, so I'll end this.

Thanks again for your listening heart.



Thanks for writing me. And thanks for facing the hard decisions. I know that when we are in one of these relationships there is a lot of baggage. And, I know that sometimes it takes time to get all of our ducks in a row. I commend you that you have decided to follow God no matter what the cost.

As far as my being in the Midwest: No, no plans for that and probably it won't happen. Most of the seminars I do are in the Pacific Northwest. Occasionally I have been on the East Coast, but not often.

There is, however, lots of material online, lots of videos and books that can move him in the right direction if he is interested--really interested in changing. That is the key question. If not, you are simply Trying to teach a pig to sing. Something that wastes your time and annoys the pig."

The reason I suspect he is not too interested is because he has already been through a Christian college and talke, probably extensively, with Christian scholars. Surely if there was a crack it would have been exploited. (On the other hand, it is possible the professors at the college were ignorante about Mormonism.

If you have specific questions, I would be glad to try to answer them.

If you send me your postal mailing address, I will send you an information pack, a couple of tracts, and a couple of pamphlets. I will also send you a video.

Jim Spencer

response 2:


In my first letter I neglected to speak to the issue of how you go about getting out of Mormonism. You are going to have to be very firm, not only with the Ward/Branch leaders, but with his family. You are going to be "love bombed" by Latter-day Saints as soon as you reveal your intentions. That love, however, will quickly turn into impatience, and eventually you will be cut off from all of them.

So prepare yourself for the worst. No matter how nice these people are, they will become hostile if they see you as recalcitrant.

God be with you.

Let me know how I can help.