My wife worked with several Mormons and had some questions about the Mormon religion. So because I trust her, I had no real objections to her speaking with some Mormons about her questions. I worked nights and was not home while they came over. My wife all along saying that she was just curious and was not even slightly considering converting. But now she wants to spend more and more time with them and she accuses me of being prejudiced against them. My wife now wants me to sit down with them and listen to what they have to say. She says that what they say makes sense.

Now, I have not to sit with them and listen to what they have to say. Yes I may be afraid that they will convince me that they are right and everyone else is wrong. My wife and I are Christians and I don't know how they have swung her over, but I know that if it weren't for my objections she would have already joined up. I don't know how to win the battle because I don't know their teachings. I have been looking for Have You Witnessed to a Mormon Lately, but I'm told it is out of print. How do I find it??? Please help me. I feel my grip on her slipping. She attends these "House Keeping" meetings with her new Mormon female friends every other week and talks to them regularly on the phone. We have been married for 20 years and things were going well before this came up.

Please help me. Thank you,



Have you read my book _Beyond Mormonism_? It is in print and I can send you a copy free.

I would say that if you have to listen to them, she should have to watch some videos, like my _Mormon Dilemma_, probably the best thing. I can send it free as well if you have not seen it.