Mr. Spencer,

Finding your website is most reinforcing. I had been a member of the LDS Church for nine years, certain that I had finally found salvation. Mostly what I experienced in the 'faith' was an exciting and comforting redirection from the legalistic and condemnation of my protestant upbringing. But there were the 'other' experiences of total confusion, like trying to make sense of the BOM, and Temple that 'haunted' me from time to time. Upon finding Bill Schnoeblen and his website, I was totally astounded by what 'slipped by' all those years.

Now, I need explanation, and most needed reenforcement as I 'search my way' out of the Church. There are times I am angry at 'the Church' for being wrong..or UNTRUE, and even more angry at the deception of it all, for I do not consider myself 'stupid and grasping' at just anything that may come down the pike. (I would rather suffer adversity knowing a thing is right, than to relax in the arms of ignorance and wrong.) Please pray that I will somehow find a church body to unite with, as I find it extremely difficult to adhere to the worship/structure of today's churche .and seem thrown into the 'precrisis-environment' in an attempt to revisit my own pre-mormon religious environment.

Thankyou again for the information on your website, it is a most needed and appreciated strength. There are times when I miss the comfort and direction or purpose that I remember in the Mormon Church....I have now learned....I must lead from intellect other than emotions

Thanx, again



Thank you so much for your letter. My heart goes out to you. I am all too familiar with the feelings you describe: "I am angry at 'the Church' for being wrong..or UNTRUE, and even more angry at the deception of it all."

Mormonism is wrong, of course. But there are lots of so-called Christian churches which do, indeed, bring condemnation and legalism. Those are the bane of Christianity, and they abound in every generation. The biblical doctrine of Christ, however, really is _Good News!_ The Gospel of hope brings life and joy. And churches that preach that Gospel are not hard to find. The problem is, you can't go by the name over the door. You may attend a Presbyterian Church, for example, which is full of light and life, or you may find it to be a liberal enclave of misguided New Age theology. The same is true of most all denominations.

For openers, I am going to suggest that you read all of the documents at this address

While it is incomplete, it is a start.

So, how do you go about finding a good bible-centered fellowship. First, you have to pray and ask God to give you keen insight into the preaching you encounter. One thing I can say is this: "God never comes to us with words of condemnation, but with words of invitation."

You should take your case directly to Jesus Christ in prayer. He is God, and He answers prayer.

You should move slowly. Don't give your heart quickly to any so-called Christian leader. Genuine Christian leaders will not demand "submission." They understand that all minisistry comes "To and Through broken-hearted people."

Cynthia, there _is_ life after leagalism. I am ready to answer any questions you may have. I am praying for you.