Dear Jim Spencer:

I know that you are probably on tour right now so it may be a while before this e-mail will catch up to you but here goes. God has definitely placed a heavy burden on my heart for you and your ministry as I am always being reminded day and night about your struggles and efforts to win Mormons to Christ. My burden for their surrender to God's grace and love is also great but my efforts are so limited by opportunity.

I recently had the privilege of ministering the Bible truth to an acquaintance of my son after Mormon missionaries had visited her home. I have become keenly aware of the possibility that demonic influences are deposited after every missionary contact and thus this is more than a struggle of semantics but in reality it is spiritual WARFARE.

The girl that I speak of is saved but after the Mormons visited her I was amazed at how she was acting, like a moth to a flame, and continually was seeking to move closer to going to their church. Her circumstances were such that she, a divorced parent, was looking for a family situation to satisfy her psychological yearnings for family relationships. Wouldn't you know it that this is exactly where they came at her with at the first visit! Incredible, just as if they had been reading her mail. They knew precisely where she was most vulnerable and they played her like a fiddle.

Through the request of my son, I was able to intervene and bring some truth from the Word into her. It didn't take long to see that she had blinders on, a veil of deception was upon her eyes, and something else had been planted also and was growing. A crack in her faith was forged by the missionaries and a subtle wedge of non-trust had been inserted and was taking root. Exactly like the serpent did to Eve in the garden. It took a while before I could break through and dig out that root.

Either these missionaries are outstanding at psychological brain washing techniques or they are assisted by of demonic angles. . .

Jim, I am committing a pledge amount to you and your ministry of at least $35.00 a month for now but hope to increase later. Forgive me for not responding earlier. I see that our Lord has called you as an Apostle to the really lost. You are leading the Church of Jesus Christ of PRESENT day Saints. Those others live in the latter, you preach the present. The real thing!

In Christ