I started attending the church when I was 16, with an LDS boyfiend. I married someone else and were active for 15 yrs. We went inactive. I researched the church and now hate it. He still believes. My problem is that I do not feel the spirit of God. I feel empty inside no matter how much I pray or study. I felt the Spirit in the church. I feel God is saying I was wrong to quit. How do I change this? What am I doing wrong? I don't know how to do the stuff the Christians talk about, being saved, whatever that means.




Thanks for writing to me.

Ah, feelings. Where do I start? Yes, I believe one can feel the Spirit of God in the Mormon Church upon occasion. I think I did. Wherever people are, God is there. That, of course, does not make Mormonism true. The way to determine if Mormonism is true is to see if it teaches what the Bible teaches. Looks like you have come to understand that it does _not_.

So, where from here. Leaving the Mormon Church was a good thing. Finding God--and a personal relationship with him--is another. How can you do that. There are three things you can do:

1. Pray to God, ask Him to reveal Jesus Christ to you and fill you with His Holy Spirit.

2. Read and study the Bible. It helps if you hear the Bible preached by anointed teachers of the Word. I can send you CDs to help with that, but you need to find a good, Bible preaching church.

3. You need Christian fellowship. Not _just_ church, although that is helpful. But you need Christian friends--believers you can hang out with and talk to. Since you have been locked into Mormonism, you have sort of locked _out_ nonMomrons. You will have to bridge that gap. One of the modern ways to do that is through the Internet. To that end, I am sending this letter to my friend Sharon, who came out of Mormonism a few years ago. She has a ministry of communicating via email with exiting Mormons, particularly women. Read her testimony at:

Her email is:

If I can help you in any way, let me know. I can send you books, CDs, DVDs, and newsletters. Just let me know a "safe" address I can mail them to.

Ask me anything.

Jim Spencer