Dear Jim:

When I first got saved in CA in 1987, I read Beyond Mormonism. I couldn't put it down but I could not grasp the idea of the family that had always been there could be involved with Satan in that way and know it. I sort of rode the fence you know just in case.  Now I know that it kept me in bondage the whole time.

My brother is a high priest so I figure that he can't be just deceived any more he must be part of the deceiving. My sister-in-laws have legally stolen my children. One of them works for Health and Welfare and mysteriously got them placed with my other sister-in-law. The Detective the Social Worker and most likely the prosecutor are all Mormons.

I see my kids once a week for an hour and a half and last week the forbade my son and I to talk about religion because he is very vocal about not believing the Mormon church and not wanting to go there. I believe that God will protect them and will destroy the lies and bring them home. Recently I found out that they have the governor in on the whole thing by lying. No one who has looked into this can believe that this can happen in America. It Does.

I will send you an address in the mail if you send me your via e-mail. I must say it is a little spooky to send that info when all this weird stuff is happening and I am in a fight for my life. Needless to say I wish I could have had the heart to totally break free all those years ago. I do believe that the truth of them will come out and their true colors will fly. I could really identify with the curse you mentioned about depression. Until last night I have fought for years. Looking back the Lord saved me from so many problem situations. I am so Blessed that He choose me. I know that I will never go quite as deep into any valley again. Things are already looking up.

For now I will pray that your message is truly revealed to all searching Mormons and ex-Mormons. Maybe soon I will be able to help your ministry in another way. God Bless You and your ministry.

I would appreciate your prayers.

Thank you,