Posted by Debra on June 1, 1999

I know you work is to maintain Gospel Truth, so I am sending you the following information to review: . . . .

Please review the following two web sites. I would like to know your view on "holy barking" running into the woods screaming "lost, lost, lost" supposedly under the influence of the Holy Spirit. I have witnessed this "holy barking", quacking or squealing if you will and flapping around like a duck or chicken, and frankly it made my skin crawl. I have many questions on this movement I believe are extremely important.

Azusa Revival



I reviewed the two sites you referenced. They indeed mentioned the "barking" syndrome and other somewhat radical expressions. I didn't see any "squealing," however.

As a Pentecostal minister, I have seen my share of strange manifestations, some of them demonic, some of them fleshly, and some- -doubtless- -were genuine manifestations of the Holy Spirit. God seems to have a tendency to do things His own way, and very frequently His ways are strange to us.

I have never seen anyone bark or squeal, but I have seen people "slain in the Spirit." And I have seen what some would call miracles of healing. This subject, I realize, has been of great interest and controversy in the past few years. It led in part to my writing of the book, Heresy Hunters: Character Assassination in the Church. That book was rather controversial (you can read a review of it elsewhere on this site).

I take the position that we need to be careful whenever we attempt to judge the heart and motives of fellow Christians and their behavior. We need to examine their doctrine and their conduct if it is clearly anti-biblical. But where it is simply unusual, we need to slow down and ask questions carefully.

With this in mind, I am going to refer you to a newsletter I did on this very subject, entitled, "Revisiting the Sins of the Great Awakening." You can read it: newsletter